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Scott Risdon

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Below is a list of projects Roofing Representatives is currently following. This list is updated every Monday to indicate projects we are tracking in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or interest on anything on this list. Let us know if there is any projects we may be missing so we can better serve you.


Bid Date Job Name System Insulation Sq. New/Re-roof
9/19/17 Police & fire Station HQ BP-2 PVC Iso + taper Unknown New
  Marshalltown,IA,       Hatch
9/21/17 High School Gym Reroof TPO Iso  Unknown Reroof
9/21/17 Veridian Credit Union TPO Iso + taper Unknown New
  Omaha,NE.       Hatch
9/21/17 NE Elementary School Addition EPDM Iso + taper Unknown New
  Kearney,NE. Alt. 1 Dens - Prime    
9/27/17 Mills Fleet Farm Store & Conv. Store TPO Iso + taper 2200 New
  Sioux City,IA.   Dens - Prime   Hatch
9/28/17 Grant Wood Elementary  BP-3 EPDM Iso + taper Unknown New
  Bettendorf,IA.   Dens - Prime   Hatch
9/28/17 Lincoln Children's Zoo BP-3 TPO Iso + taper Unknown New
  Lincoln,NE. & Metal Dens - Prime 3 Bldgs Hatch
10/3/17 Gilcrest Learning Center TPO Iso + taper 110 New
  Sioux City,IA.       Hatch 3
10/5/17 NE Wesleyan Science Bldg BP-2 EPDM Iso + taper Unknown New
  Lincoln,NE.   Dens - Prime    
10/10/17 UNL NCTA Welding Shop Reroof EPDM Iso + taper 63 Reroof
  Lincoln, NE.   Iso HD    
    EPDM Dens - Prime 2 Bldgs  
10/10/17 Community Center & Fieldhouse WHITE Iso + taper Approx. New
  Papillion,NE. S Seam HD Iso 2000SQ  
10/19/17 Middle & High School Additions PLANS NA YET New
  New Hampton, IA.        
None HyVee # 2 TPO Iso or EPS 850 New
Yet Coralville,IA.