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Call Us at (515) 360-5022 or  (319) 533-5960

Contact Information

Steve Smith

Cell: 1-515-360-5022

Phone: 1-319-351-8641

Fax: 1-319-351-8641




Jason Smith

Cell: 1-319-533-5960

Phone: 1-319-265-5681

Fax: 1-319-265-5681



Scott Risdon

Cell: 1-402-670-5150



Kevin Ward

Cell: 1-402-216-2964



Below is a list of projects Roofing Representatives is currently following. This list is updated every Monday to indicate projects we are tracking in Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or interest on anything on this list. Let us know if there is any projects we may be missing so we can better serve you.